A New Year, a New Slique YOU!

Welcome to 2017!

I can hardly believe it is here!  2016 was a roller coaster of a year for so many -- but we made it!  Reach over and pat yourself on the shoulder, you deserve it!

Now that we're here, the new year is commonly a time to reflect on the previous year and what we'd like to different this year.  Many folks set their sights on setting their new year's resolutions.  I was curious as to what the word "resolution" means and various contexts it applies to:

Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, which comes from Latin resolvere, "to loosen, undo, settle." We can still see this meaning in resolution, in the sense of "an explanation" or "a solution"; when a problem, conflict or mystery reaches its resolution, it has been "undone," so to speak. Another common meaning is "determination, resolve"

Resolution in regards to a television or computer monitor is referring to the sharpness of a picture. Before computer monitors and digital devices, we often thought of resolution as the capacity of a digital camera to produce as clear a image as possible; the higher the resolution the better.

So, given those, we could say that is pretty much hindsight, could we not?  Life is so much more clear in retrospect and to be able to process a plan of action for a better future.  What better place to start than our health?  If we are healthy then we will be able to ENJOY making our future and what adventures ensue, agree?

Enter Young Living's Slique in 60 Challenge!

2017 Slique in 60 Challenge

Young Living’s powerful line of essential oil-infused Slique weight-management products can help you see positive results in just 60 days! As you incorporate Slique into your 2017 diet and exercise program, you’ll be able to maximize your results and discover a slimmer you.  Offered in four cost savings kits, there are products available for a wide range of budgets and weight-management goals this year and beyond! More and more are stepping out for a personal experience with the Slique products; one of which is Marc Schrueder. You can see his success story here.

Finally… a system with a whole body approach to weight management and wellness, plus all the tools you need to achieve real, lasting and transformational results!  Backed by our no-risk guarantee, we promise that you’ll see results in 60 days or we’ll cover the cost of your Slique kits! Click here to see the kits and information for the no-riskguarantee.

For the "why" and "how" folks out there like myself, Lindsey Elmore, Young Living's very own super geeked-out girl next door pharmacist gives us a great overview on the Slique products in her recent Facebook Live video below.

Have you had a positive personal experience with the Slique products that you can't wait to shout from the roof tops?  See one that intrigues you? Share with us in the comments below!

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